Hi, I’m Natalie Pluto,
a Filmmaker and Longboard Freestyle Influencer

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About Me

Throughout my entire life, I have always had the motivation to go after and try new things. I’ve fallen in love with many different creative avenues, but my passion is filmmaking. At the age of 10, I was introduced to post-production, where I taught myself the art of video editing. The desire to learn something new and grow in this field, led me to the opportunities of attending Grammy Camp in Los Angeles and New York, and a nomination to attend an Envision Academic Summer Camp – “National Youth Leadership Forum: Digital Media, Film, and Journalism”, which partnered with the New York Film Academy (NYFA). These camps not only gave me a powerful amount of new knowledge in these fields, but introduced me to the film school, NYFA Los Angeles, where I graduated with Honors, Summa Cum Laude, this Fall 2020.

Pursuing filmmaking as both my passion and career, I am a Content Creator and Influencer, where I share my ideas and creations to the world through Social Media platforms. I create Longboard Freestyle YouTube videos, along with Instagram and TikTok video snippets, where I post my progression on the sport and video blog my entire journey, teaching and inspiring a community of other boarders. The honors and sponsorships I have received, whilst participating in-front and behind the camera in various music videos, brand deals, and commercials, through the art of this sport along with filmmaking, has given me opportunities of a life time, teaching me the importance of collaboration and having a positive mindset on life. There is endless information to learn and endless people to meet, and I can’t wait for what’s to come.

fun facts
Fact 1

I began creating videos at the age of 10.

Fact 2

Growing up I’ve been heavily invested in music; playing multiple and various instruments.

Fact 3

I owned a longboard and skate apparel company, Sunny Pearl, when I was in High School.

Fact 4

I was honored with the title as Homecoming Princess during my Freshman year of High School.

Fact 5

I have a Black Lab named “Koda”.

Fact 6

I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


New York
Film Academy

3300 Riverside Drive Burbank, CA 91505
Associate of Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking

September 2018 – September 2020
Graduated with Honors “Summa Cum Laude”

  • “Tonight” by Alki Halkiotis and Justend
  • “Time” by Alki Halkiotis and Don Neil
  • “Pancake Experiment” Directed by Natalie Pluto
  • “Monkey Business” Directed by Natalie Pluto
  • “Cabin Getaway” Directed by Natalie Pluto
Assistant Director
  • “So Far so Good” Directed by Danny McCrea
  • “Are You Bored of Me?” Directed by Pietro Barba
  • “Delivery” Directed by Anton Kristensen
  • “Delivery Man” Directed by Yukun Xing
  • “First Time” Directed by Gabriel Ramirez
  • “Kandy” Directed by Pietro Barba
  • “Dishes” Directed by Avery Stanislaw
  • “Australian Tourism” Directed by Jesse Seeley
  • “Coca Cola Vibes” Directed by Stina Lundin
  • “NONO” Directed by Hyejin Sunwoo
  • “Sing Your Song” Directed by Stina Lundin
  • “Tonight” by Alki Halkiotis and Justend
  • “Time” by Alki Halkiotis and Don Neil
  • “Dyri (Falling Apart)” Directed by Anton Kristensen
  • “Tonight” by Alki Halkiotis and Justend
  • “Time” by Alki Halkiotis and Don Neil
Sound Mix & Boom
  • “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Directed by Anuar Alum
  • “White Lies” Directed by Anuar Alum
  • “Bartender Friends” Directed by Stina Lundin
Key Grip
  • “After” Directed by Mohammed Al-Ajmi
  • “Gatorade Commercial” Directed by Torey Thompson
  • “ Base” Directed by Bernardo M. Gomez

behind the scenes

Summer Camps

for Video Production

Summer 2015

  • Very competitive acceptance process; received full scholarship
  • Nominated and Finalists for the GRAMMY in the Schools Media Team
NEW YORK for Video Production

Summer 2016

  • Very competitive acceptance process; received full scholarship
  • Nominated and Finalists for the GRAMMY in the Schools Media Team

Summer 2016

  • Nominated and invited to attend this camp
  • Team won 1st Place in “Best Digital Publication”

rave reviews


Social Media Cred


FooterLocker Women for NIKE

Instagram , December 29, 2021

Instagram , December 21, 2021


Instagram , September 3, 2021


Instagram and Tik Tok Summer Haul, July 28, 2021


TikTok Feature, July 16, 2021

Sports Illustrated

Instagram and Tik Tok Re-Post, Aug. 24, 2020

Conde’ Nast Traveler Magazine

Featured in “Meet The World’s Longboarding Women”,
September 2019

Chixxs on Board

Front Cover Feature, Summer Guide 2019

film clips

TIME, July 2021

Blood Orange Reel, March 2021

Tonight, February 2021

Pasadena Music Video, March 2020

Longboard Reel, January 2020

Venice Edit, October 2018

Caliber Truck Co

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